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    Play together, play Picoo

    Finally! The excitement of modern gaming combined with the fun of cooperative, active play. Picoo is a revolution in the way kids play.

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    Ready? Set? Go!

    Grab a Picoo, scan a game card, and the fun begins! Picoo is ready when you are – no waiting required.

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    No strings attached

    Things should just work, right? That’s why we’ve designed Picoo to work completely independent of any infrastructure, such as WiFi, GPS, etc. Picoo works inside as well as outside.

    Play wherever you want to, whenever you want to.

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    Fool proof

    Picoo has been designed for play, even when play gets rough. It’s water resistant, dust resistant and it can take a beating. The top part of a Picoo is soft & sturdy, so even when colliding with another player, both remain unharmed 🙂

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Picoo delivers a new experience


Physical activity is beneficial for in-class performance. But how do you engage children, and where do you find the time to get them up and running?

Picoo allows you to truly integrate physical activity in your curriculum. Kids can have fun while running around and learning at the same time! Whether for use during breaks, or integrated into the curriculum: Picoo is perfect for schools.

Are you looking for true innovation in your indoor playground? Picoo offers a unique and fully integrated experience. We develop games tailored to the needs of indoor playgrounds, that seamlessly integrate with your existing structures – no need for plumbing!

Upgrade ‘quiet areas’ in your indoor playground by integrating Picoo, lease Picoo to birthday parties, set yourself apart from the competition: plenty of business opportunities! Our partner ELI Play can help you implement Picoo in your indoor playground.

Are you looking for a truly innovative experience? Picoo allows you to bring the digital age outdoors! Thanks to its smart design, Picoo does not depend on infrastructure. So you can take Picoo wherever you want, whenever you need it.

Picoo can be used in many different ways, such as a main activity offered by outdoor organisations, an extra (rentable) activity at a holiday park or campsite.

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    How many players can play with Picoo?

    Ah, someone has a lot of friends! Well, there are two answers to this question. Technically, you could play with 50+ people at the same time (provided you have that many Picoos). However, most of our games are a lot more fun with smaller groups of about 6-10 people.

    We are working on making our games dynamic, so they adjust the gameplay to the number of players. We’re also looking into games for single players, or groups of less than 6 people.

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    Can I play with multiple groups at the same time?

    Of course! It’s absolutely possible to play multiple games in parallel.

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