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Playing with Picoo

What do I need to play with Picoo?

A set of Picoos (and, well, some players). That’s it.

We have designed Picoo to be completely self-sustainable. You’re not depending on any external infrastructure, such as Wifi, GPS, etc. Of course, having a power socket available from time to time (roughly after one day of fulltime use) would be great, so you can recharge the batteries.

How many players can play with Picoo?

Ah, someone has a lot of friends! Well, there are two answers to this question. Technically, you could play with 50+ people at the same time (provided you have that many Picoos). However, most of our games are a lot more fun with smaller groups of about 6-10 people.

We are working on making our games dynamic, so they adjust the gameplay to the number of players. We’re also looking into games for single players, or groups of less than 6 people.

Can I play with multiple groups at the same time?

Of course! It’s absolutely possible to play multiple games in parallel.

Product & features

How long do the batteries last?

We believe it’s important that Picoos work when you need them. That’s why we have designed them to last for at least an entire day without charging. Depending on your actual use, they might actually last for two days without a charge. Handy, if you ever forget to charge them!

Are Picoos water resistant?

Rest assured, they are, at least sufficiently to allow you to keep playing even if it rains cats and dogs. They can also have some beating, and don’t mind a bit of dust or sand. Of course, they stay the most beautiful if you give them a cleaning once a while ūüôā

Where are Picoos made?

Good question!¬†We want to deliver the best possible product. Also, we believe that a product¬†for¬†children should not risk being made¬†by¬†children. That’s why we chose to manufacture our product locally, in The Netherlands.

Nice to know, they are also 100% Dutch Design!

Do you collect data about the players?

No. Playing with Picoo should be hassle free. We don’t want you to worry about your data going somewhere it doesn’t belong.

While no data is being sent elsewhere, of course our Picoos might temporarily store (performance) data to facilitate gameplay. None of these data ever leaves the devices.

Maintenance & warranty

What happens if one of my Picoos stops working?

We don’t expect them too, but if that happens we’re of course kind enough to help you out. That’s why we offer a 1-year guarantee on the product (6 months for the batteries).

How do I clean Picoos after a day of play?

You can clean them with a damp cloth. They have not (yet) learned to swim, so please don’t throw them in water.

Everything you need to know