Picoo at school

Learning while being physicaly active is great! With Picoo it becomes even more fun because Picoo combines the interactive nature of computer games and the appeal of playing outside in an innovative way.

Picoo is also ideal at after school care programs: with Picoo children can spend their energy with the interactive games that you can play with the whole group at the same time!

Why Picoo

Picoo combines interactive technology and traditional outdoor play in a completely new experience. Without a screen.



Children get more exercise with Picoo! This keeps them healthy and active while also working on gross motor skills. Picoo can also prevent complaints of neck and back pain, RSI (repetitive strain injury.) and myopia because children spend less time behind a screen.



By playing together children develop their social and communication skills.



When children get outside they engage fully in discovering the world. This sparks imaginative play and stimulates creativity. Playing outsisde is also good for getting lots of oxygen (which makes your brain happy!).

Game in the spotlight: Quizstafette

Create a multiple-choice quiz with a maximum of four answers per question. Take just as many helpercards as the maximum number of answers you have. Build an obstacle course and/or spread the helpercards in the room. Tip: Use the numbers of the helpercards with the answers.

Game in the spotlight: Multiply Mania

With this game you can practice multiplications from 1 to 10. Children first scan a sum and then look for the correct answer. Is it right? Then Picoo will indicate this immediately and the child can move on to the next sum. Wrong? Picoo also indicates this so that the child knows that he or she has to keep looking for the correct answer.

Game in the spotlight: Sequence

To play this game, you have to use 10 different cards with the numbers 1 to 10. You have to scan these numbers in the right way counting from 1 to 10. Spread the cards across the playing field and make your own course. If you make a mistake, you will have to seek the right number. Are you great with numbers and can you complete the course quickly?

The Picoo set

  • 12 devices
  • 1 suitcase
  • 12 charging stations, embedded in the suitcase
  • 5 Picoo games including free updates
  • 8 in-game cards
  • manuals
  • One year guarantee (6 months for the battery)
  • 1 year free access to all the latest games

What games can I play?

Standard package

  • Lightningbolt
  • Whack a mole
  • Zombierun
  • Hide & seek
  • Kaleidoscope

Education package

  • Basic games
  • Spy hunt
  • Multiply mania
  • Quizstafette
  • Sequence

BSO package

  • Basic games
  • Spy hunt
  • Blizzard
  • Smuggling game
  • Three Musketeers

Meet Picoo

An information package, an (online) demo or a trial period. Whichever way is best for you to meet Picoo: we have it all.


Information package

All information neatly arranged. In your own mailbox so you can read everything again or show it to colleagues.


Online demonstration

Book an online demo at Stefan for free. He explains everything and answers all your questions. All online, in a safe way 😉.


Trial period

Try Picoo at your school or after school care. Please note that a trial period is available in the Netherlands only.